Friday, August 17, 2012

Clutch Throwout Bearing Repacker

In my experience re-packing a good used throwout bearing is as reliable or more so than buying a replacement off shore produced bearing, especially if it is a New Departure. If the bearing feels smooth to turn with slight pressure, repacking is a great option. Here is a short tutorial on the way I do it.

~First of all you need a retaining bolt slightly longer than the overall length of the bearing and end caps. (I use 1/4" dia.)

~Slide a washer onto this bolt as large or larger than the end of the bearing that has the clutch-fork groove.

~You will need some type of filler to fill the cavity inside the bearing (to prevent the cavity from filling with grease), I used a piece of wood from an old oar, which happened to be the right size, but a similar piece could be made out of any wood or metal you have lying around.

~Next you need an end-cap thick enough to be drilled and threaded for a grease fitting. You will need to drill a hole in the center the size of your retaining bolt.

~You will need to drill and thread a hole for the grease fitting the size you choose. Drill thread and install grease fitting 3/4" from the center.

~Watch the short video clip to see how the process works. When you see the fresh grease coming out you will know you're done!.

clutch throwout bearing repacking tool

clutch throwout bearing repacking tool

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