Friday, June 14, 2013

Spring Shackle Bushing Replacement

When it is time to replace the spring shackle bushings here is a simple process

Parts needed
12 inches of 5/8"- 11 (11 threads per inch) All-Thread
Two 5/8-11 nuts
Two 5/8" ID washers
1" ID X 2" long pipe 

The process:
1. Oil threads of All-Thread and OD of new bushing.
2. Thread the All-Thread through old bushing far enough for new bushing , washer, and nut to be installed.
3. Screw new bushing on All-Thread.
4. Next attach washer and nut (washer and nut act as a stop to prevent pulling the bushing in too far and to protect the threads, as the ID of the bushing is a slightly loose fit on the  5/8" All-Thread).
5. On the other side, slide on the 1" pipe and washer, and then put nut on.
6. Center pipe over bushing being removed, then tighten nut and washer against pipe to draw the new bushing in, forcing the old bushing out into the pipe (use the same procedure for the frame mount bushing).

Picture of old bushing half way out and new bushing half way in.

 New bushing installed

If the threads inside the old bushing are not too bad for the All-Thread to hold on to, the old bushing can be pulled out by itself, if desired.

Next are three pictures of the old worn pin and bushing

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